Deep in the old growth forest of British Columbia, Canada I began my journey – a journey that would open my mind, soul, and heart to our survival – and the survival of our entire Mother Earth and ALL her creations. It is the ancient giant trees that once stood so tall for thousands upon thousands of years - only to be cut down for a few dollars of today. What about tomorrow? Then what?

More importantly, how will our animals survive without the entire forest? What about the moss, the bees and the water ways? Oh my! We must learn to preserve our entire Mother Earth and all her creations. We have now seen the effects of our actions that have resulted with global warming. Our ice caps that have melted never to return; our ocean’s life that have vanished forever; and the animals and other living creatures that have become homeless after a clear cut. Where will they go? How will they survive?

We must look 7 generations ahead before we make such decisions to act so drastically. Will our actions of today be sustainable into the 7th generation from now? Will we have food to eat? Water to drink? Or most importantly air to breathe? 

Please feel free to read the stories that I have written through the animals spirits that have come to me through my dreams, intuition, and life experiences on my journey here on Mother Earth. 

All my relations - Nancy A. Luis