This past weekend I participated in the "Klahowya Village" located at the train ride in Stanley Park in Vancouver British Columbia Canada.

There I met many people of the world, all on a common journey - to enjoy a beautiful park and to see what the Aboriginal People of Klahowya Village have to offer.  

Many people enjoyed the "Spirit Catcher Train Ride"; traditional dancers, singers, & drummers; traditional aboriginal home cooked food; traditional Interrupted aboriginal cultural tours; and many of the finest artist from around British Columbia.  

Most importantly - many people enjoyed the park in peace and harmony with each other!  

Many people that visited my booth, Aboriginal Creeations, contributed to "A New Beginning - Peace on Mother Earth" dream catcher.   The dream catcher consists of the four colours of mankind from around the world which are red, yellow, black, and white.  Each person then added one clear glass bead.  When finished, the dream catcher will consist of the many spirits from around the world that came together to live in peace and harmony.  When this project is complete (in about a week) it will hang in Klahowya Village with all the messages of Peace left by the people of the world. 

Come to Stanley Park next weekend to add your message of peace and add your bead to the cause of peace on our Mother Earth!  It will be a "New Beginning for the World here on Mother Earth".

Peace be with you all on your journey here on Mother Earth!

Nancy A. Luis