Today was one of the most beautiful days at Klahowya Village in Stanley Park!  

As the sun warmed the Village, my daughter Jenna and I met many visitors from around the world, local people, and the occasional celebrity some of which came to my booth "Aboriginal Creeations".

Many of the visitors that we met at our booth added a bead to "A New Beginning - peace on earth" dream catcher.  

The people of the world are now in the process of completing the second dream catcher and once complete they will hang in Klahowya Village with all the messages of peace, respect, and love for our Mother Earth and ALL her creations.

A small example of some of the messages left by people of the world are: "Peace within - Peace among - Peace between" - Coquitlam B.C.; "I am proud to contribute to this beautiful piece of culture in art - Hannah"; "live in peace forever and always I'm from Mississauga".  

There are many more messages written from all people around the world such as Germany, France, England, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, China, India, USA, Philippines, and Canada, just to name a few. 

I would like to thank all the people that came to Klahowya Village and all those who contributed to "A New Beginning - peace on earth" dream catchers.

I hope you all have a safe journey in life and that all your messages of peace will be heard around the world - and more importantly - be carried out.