"The Spirit of Nancy A. Luis"

Nancy A. Luis is a Métis` citizen of Canada. She was born and raised in The City of Vancouver. Nancy’s inspiration and creativity are credited from her cultural education while attending the Native Education College in Vancouver and the Squamish Nation's"Witness Program" which was a weekend cultural camping trip to Sims Creek near Whistler, British Columbia. This trips focus was to be a "Witness" to the clear cutting practices that were taking place in our own backwoods of British Columbia.  This trip would prove to be a life-changing event in Nancy’s life.                                                                                  

It was through Nancy's Diploma in "Aboriginal Tourism and Business Management" that she designed her unique “Spirit Catchers”. More importantly, the animal spirits stories were being told through her written words.                                                                              

More recently, Nancy was chosen from many Aboriginal Artists from across Canada to participate at the “Aboriginal Arts Program" at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. Nancy sold a great deal of her art and more importantly – educated the world to the environmental importance of ALL creation here on OUR Mother Earth.

Some of Nancy's events includes: Circle Craft Christmas Markets and Klahowya Village summer Train Ride in Stanley Park.

And Nancy’s most recent work is the story she wrote for the 2014 Klahowya Village Train Ride in Stanley Park.  This year's story theme is "The Journey of the Salmon".   Don't miss this amazing ride from June 21st  through September 1st, 2014.  It is a must see!

Nancy’s wish is that all four colours of mankind will begin to come together to work as one –respecting all life forms. We are one entire web of life each link being as important as the other for the survival of our entire Mother Earth and ALL HER CREATIONS.